Jewish spies against America: a long tradition
Out of the dozens of American spies active from the 1940s-onward, the overwhelming majority 
were Jewish-by-race. Only a few -- e.g. Whitaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley -- 
were non-Jews. 
Let's have a look at the Jewish spies:* 
Julius Rosenberg; electrical engineer; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, sentenced to 
death and executed in June 1953. 
Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg; wife of Julius; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, 
sentenced to death and executed in 1953. 
David Greenglass: brother of Ethel Rosenberg; aided the Rosenbergs; was a Los Alamos 
machinist; passed drawings of atomic implosion lens to Harry Gold.
Ruth Greenglass; wife of David.
Morton Sobell; former employee of the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance; radar engineer and former 
classmate of Elitcher and Rosenberg.
J. Robert Oppenheimer; top U.S. nuclear scientist; was in charge of the Manhattan Project; gave 
the Soviets atomic secrets. 
Leo Szilard; worked with Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project.
Bruno Pontecorvo; born in Italy; immigrated to Oklahoma in 1940.
George Silverman; Air Force officer; pal of non-Jewish U.S. spy Elizabeth Bentley.
Morris Cohen (aka Peter Kroger); spy recruiter; assisted the Rosenbergs; entered U.S. Army in 
Robert Soblen; fled to Israel; committed suicide while being extradited back to America in 1962.
Jack Soble; head of a U.S. spy ring which included Boris Morros; members of the ring were 
indicted/arrested in 1957. 
Charles Kramer; staff member of the Kilgore committee headed by U.S. Sen. Harley Kilgore; a 
speechwriter for Henry Wallace. 
Victor Perlo; the CPUSA's [American Communist party] official economist; was on the War 
Production Board.
Lee Pressman; Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) lawyer; Communist party member. 
Jacob Albam; an associate of Jack Soble.
V. J. Jerome (aka Isaac Romaine); the theoretician of the CPUSA.
Alexander Trachtenberg; member, CPUSA.
Jacob Mindel; member, CPUSA.
Israel Amter; a CPUSA leader. 
Albert F. Lannon; member, CPUSA.
Fred Rose; Canadian Communist.
Prof. Israel Halperin; Canadian Communist.
Jacob Stachel; top American Communist party official.
"John Gates" (aka Israel Regenstreif); a longtime Communist; fought in the Spanish Civil War; 
editor-in-chief of the Daily Worker; defendant in Foley Square trial of American Communists.
"Gus Hall" (real name Arvo K. Halberg); U.S. Communist Party chairman; defendant in Foley 
Square trial of American Communists. 
Irving Potash; defendant in Foley Square trial of American Communists.
Philip Bart; general manager of the Daily Worker newspaper.
"Gil Green" (Gilbert Greenberg); defendant in Foley Square trial of American Communists. 
"Carl Winter" (Philip Carl Weissberg); defendant in Foley Square trial of American 
Alexander Feklisov; Julius Rosenberg's Soviet case officer; attached to the Soviet Consulate in 
New York [presumed to be Jewish].
Joel Barr; pal of Julius Rosenberg; electrical engineer; worked on military radar at the U.S. 

Army Signal Corps lab at Fort Monmouth; recruited by Rosenberg; fled to Czechoslovakia, he 
assumed fake identity.
William Perl; worked in Cleveland at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
Gaik Ovakimian; head of the KGB's American desk [presumed to be Jewish].
Harry Dexter White [real name Weiss]; Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Henry 
Morgenthau; architect of Bretton Woods and the World Bank.
Bernard Schuster; good friend of Julius Rosenberg; member of the American Communist party; 
was Earl Browder's liaison to the KGB.
Alfred Sarant; pal of Barr; electrical engineer; worked on military radar at the U.S. Army Signal 
Corps lab at Fort Monmouth; recruited by Rosenberg; fled to Czechoslovakia and assumed fake 
Harry Gold [real name Goldodnitsky]; chemist; part of 1940s Fuchs-Gold spy ring. 
Abraham Brothman; headed an engineering firm in N. Y.; part of Fuchs-Gold  
spy ring. 
Miriam Moskowitz; part of Fuchs-Gold spy ring.
Sidney Weinbaum [real name Israel Weinbaum]; part of Fuchs-Gold spy ring.
Theodore Hall [real name Hallsberg, also claimed Holtzberg]; worked with Enrico Fermi and J. 
Robert Oppenheimer; "was the first to provide the Soviets with the crucial information that 
helped them build the bomb." [1]
Judith Coplon; passed classified documents from U.S. Justice Department to a Russian agent in 
Isak Akhmerov; married to the niece of American Communist leader Earl Browder.
Yakov (Jacob) Golos; chief organizer of spying action through the American Communist party.
Gregory Kheifetz; Soviet vice-consul in San Francisco; allegedly recruited J. Robert 

Oppenheimer to spy for the Soviets.
Sam Semyonov [real name Abe Taubman]; top officer in the spy branch "XY Line," which 
carried out technical and scientific spying. 
Maurice Halperin; U.S. Office of Strategic Services employee.
Armand Hammer; millionaire; Communist; head of Occidental Petroleum; one of the world's 
only millionaire/Communists.
Gerhart Eisler; 'secret' boss of the Communist Party in the U.S. in the 1930s/1940s.
J. Peters [aka Joszef Peter]; Comintern agent; pal of G. Eisler; author of the "Peters Manual;" 
real name Goldberger.
Nathan Gregory Silvermaster; leader of a post-World War II espionage ring; on the U.S. Board 
of Economic Warfare; a high-ranking officer at the U.S. Treasury Department.
Bella Gold; U.S. Commerce Dept. employee; worked for Nathan Silvermaster.
Sonya Gold; U.S. Treasury Dept. employee; worked for Nathan Silvermaster.
Philip Jaffe; editor of Amerasia magazine, a Maoist organ.
Dr. Joseph Weinberg; University of Minnesota official.
Andrew Roth; Brooklyn Jew; a lieutenant in U.S. Naval Intelligence.
Samuel Dickstein; U.S. Congressman from New York.
Alfred Stern; American businessman; husband of non-Jewish spy Martha Dodd.
Boris Morros; American businessman; once worked for Paramount Studios; partner of Alfred 
Mark Julius Gayn [real name Mark Ginsbourg]; a journalist; pal of Phil Jaffe; worked for 
Amerasia magazine and The New Republic.
Jonathan Pollard; U.S. Navy intelligence analyst; passed classified material to Israel -- where he 
is a national hero due to his spying actions. 
[1] article "The Boy Who Gave Away the Bomb," by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel, The 
New York Times, September 14, 1997 
Sources for the above document include, but are not limited to: essay "The Jewish 
Disproportionate Involvement in Communism," by Ian McKinney, [Rev. 3.0, July 24, 2000]; and 
Jewish Tribal Review's web book "When Victims Rule."
*Legal disclaimer for web posting: it is entirely possible that some of the persons listed in the 
above document were never convicted of the crime of espionage in a court of law. True guilt 
must be determined only via a fair trial.

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